What is Sound-Diving™?

Have you experienced the unique vibrations from crystal singing bowls? With Sound-Diving™, we add the sound of the spoken voice. As we begin the journey, the vibrations from the bowls enter the body, led by subtle suggestion from our words. All parts of our bodies are able to relax, let go, and be filled with energy, while our minds are brought totally into the here and now.

What makes this possible? The vibrations from crystal singing bowls have a physical effect that relaxes body tissues and synchronizes the right and left halves of our brains.

Brain waves slow to the alpha state, which is the wavelength we exhibit during sleep or deep meditation. Words heard in this state can speak directly to our central nervous systems. This bypasses our conditioning and habitual thought patterns, and addresses our bodies’ own internal wisdom. Our central nervous systems receive the vibrations of the words, directed to specific parts of our bodies, and tell them to relax. Sound-Diving™ takes advantage of the fact that our brains don’t differentiate between outer reality and imagined reality. Our central nervous systems take in what is spoken and act as if it were real. This supports the manifestation of new intentions, or even something like foreign language study.

Profound transformation is possible in this state of openness to our bodies’ natural wisdom. Joy, lightness and play return to our beings. Sound-Diving™ creates a vibrational field of love and unity which allows us to re-member our whole selves and our connection to all that exists.